When Cupcakes Go to Your Head

CCS is currently selling this awesome pom pom beanie made by Neff.  A stylist and fun way to keep warm during these cold winter nights!  The beanie, sold in the color “vanilla” is available for $24.99 here.


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Champagne-Cupcakes Toy Drive

No matter your religion or preference of holiday celebration, the importance of giving is something we all must value, embrace, and love. Gifting is a sweet treat for all, whether we are the ones giving or receiving. As the holidays approach, many of us are already crafting our lists of things to purchase, create, and package for our loved ones and friends. But too often, we forget those who are neglected during this time of the year.

The Latino Community Fund is holding a Champagne-Cupcakes Toy Drive to provide an opportunity to give a gift to a child who would otherwise go without. For the small price of $25 and of course the wonderful gesture of a wrapped gift, you can attend this charitable event. In exchange, you receive scrumptious cupcakes (nom nom nom), bubbly champagne, a heart-warming evening, and the unparalleled satisfaction of gifting those who need it most.

Toy drive suggestions are:

  • winter coats
  • hats, scarves and gloves
  • underwear and socks
  • new children’s toys, games and books

Click here for more information on the event to be held at the Hyatt at Olive 8 in Downtown Seattle on December 9th, 2009. MARK YOUR CALENDARS and register HERE!

Get your tickets today!

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The gift of giving

Stumped for holiday shopping? Don’t know what to get your aunt Cindy? Or grandpa Ethan? This luxurious chocolatier has something for everybody…cupcake lovers included. Godiva is offering Chocolate Cupcakes as a holiday treat that you can give as a gift or use as a party dessert. For $28 you’ll get a half dozen box of sultry, rich, and sublime chocolate cupcakes, filled with Godiva chocolate ganache (remember how good that tastes?), and iced with either vanilla or chocolate buttercream frosting. To top them off? A majestic dark chocolate medallion with the Godiva logo.

So start planning and have a looksy here! These babies require overnight shipping “to ensure freshness” as their website says. Happy shopping 🙂

Overnight Shipping Required

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Cupcake Challenge 2010…are you ready?

While browsing the cupcake blogosphere today I stumbled upon a promotion for an event in Los Angeles where all the best LA cupcakeries come together to sample their most outstanding flavors to a panel of judges and to YOU! It’s a hefty $40 for admission but I’m sure the ample amount of free sampling will compensate; either that, or the fullness in your belly will make up for the hole in your pocket.  🙂

It’s called, quite simply, the Cupcake Challenge and you can find all the information here, including directions, ticket sales, and just which cupcakeries will be competing.  The event is scheduled for February 20th 2010 from 2-5pm. So hurry and book your flight/get your tickets before fellow fanatics take your spot! Not to mention, it’s sponsored by Nestle Nesquik–Who can say ‘no’ to a cupcake and a cold glass of chocolate milk??

The Competitors in the Cupcake Challenge

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Irish car cakes…It’s a guinness-gasm

One of my favorite characteristics of cupcakes is the fact they’re so versatile–Who would have guessed you could make beer cupcakes? My friend referred me to this recipe the other day and I knew the second I clicked it I had to indulge in making these little guys.

Taken by Alayna

Guinness chocolate cake, filled with a chocolate ganache, and topped with a Bailey’s buttercream frosting…Oh my nom.

I made these beauties completely from scratch–frosting and ganache included.  It was a little laborious BUT if you have the drive and enthusiasm to make some very unique cupcakes that yield SCRUMPTIOUS results, then you’ll have a great time! You can find the recipe here. It’s written in a humorous, quirky tone, but it can be hard to follow so read carefully! For a photographic journey into the crafting of the Irish Car Bomb cupcakes, click away:

For those of you who were able to taste these cakes in class today, we’d appreciate your thoughts on the cupcakes by participating in the poll below:

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Cupcake Bling

The perfect cupcake charm is available now at Tiffany & Co.  It retails for $150 and would make the sweetest stocking stuffer this holiday season.

Pair it with a bracelet or necklace

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