A cupcake that feeds 8??

I’m a sucker for gloriously enthusiastic and desperately delightful infomercials–They’re bright, they’re extreme, and best of all: they’re hilarious. You can only imagine my elation when THIS infomercial hit the tubes.

Enter the Big Top Cupcake…a king-sized cupcake that serves multiple mouths, can be decorated just like a cupcake, and can be FILLED (with delights like custards and sweet sauces.)

I cannot lie:  I am genuinely on the verge of spending $19.95(+p&h) all for the privilege of constructing a colossal cupcake…I’m thinking poppyseed cake filled with lemon custard. NOM NOM NOM.

Check out the Big Top Cupcake here and be the one of the first of our readers to submit your Big Top Cupcake experience!


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