Part II of I <3 NY (cupcakes)

~ Part of a series on our crazed cupcake feast at New York Cupcakes in Bellevue ~

What: A captivating concoction of MANY cupcakes…continued

Where: New York Cupcakes…Click here for directions

Taken by Alayna

Eggnog—the ideal glorious Yuletide beverage that warms tummies as well as holiday spirits. Many cupcakeries offer an eggnog-flavored cupcake during the holiday season and I’m eager to try the different interpretations. For now, however, my palette has only been blessed with the presence of New York Cupcakes eggnog flavor.  For those of you that don’t particularly know what eggnog is, it is a distinctive frothy blend of milk, sugar, eggs, cinnamon, and nutmeg. For the adults in the audience, eggnog is typically combined with whisky or brandy or some time of spicy liqueur. It takes a particular type of person to enjoy eggnog—some say the consistency is too thick, while others say that the flavor is too unique. I personally love eggnog and, as predicted, was super anxious to grab a bite of this seasonal flavor.

New York Cupcakes has truly outdone themselves in the cake department—I have yet to taste cake here that doesn’t measure up to the ideal standard of a moist, velvety, spongy medley of flavor and fluff. This particular eggnog cake was all of these things and more. Its texture and flavor literally made my mouth water in anticipation and in satisfaction. It was a rich yellow cake steeped with flavors of sweet vanilla, spicy nutmeg, and sugary cinnamon.

The icing was equally divine—once again, New York Cupcakes knows how to make a PERFECT buttercream that is silky, tantalizing, and a perfect match for the cake that it sits below. This icing was clearly an eggnog buttercream, saturated with flavors of perfumey spice and the caramel-buttery tang of whisky. Why I would ever settle for a cup of eggnog over an eggnog cupcake is beyond me! As a finishing touch the wonderful cupcake chefs at New York Cupcakes dipped a white and milk chocolate straw into the frosting, offering my taste buds once last memory of indulgence before crumbs were last remaining memory of the eggnog delight.

This cupcake deserves 4.5 NOMS out of 5. The only thing I wanted more of was spice! I can never get enough nutmeg and cinnamon but maybe that’s just me.

Taken by Alayna

Central Park Cookies & Cream—a milky sweet mixture of chocolate cake with an oreo buttercream frosting. You should all know that at this point in my cupcake adventure to Bellevue, my sugar rush was quickly morphing into a sugar crash. With so many cupcakes, and so little energy to keep up, I could hardly finish the final bites of this beauty. Nonetheless I must share with you my experience because it was such a wonderful and innocent flavor that I think most sweet lovers would cherish.

The chocolate cake was nothing short of perfect—I had the privilege of tasting it in the company of white cake with the New York Black & White flavor. This time, however, the chocolate cake was flying solo and I had no complaints. The essence of this beauty lies in the frosting that rests confidently like a declarative mountain of cookie crumbles mixed with cocoa butter. It was truly scrumptious—I could’ve eaten it plain, packaged, and with my fingers. Just imagine the glossiest of light chocolate butter creams, texturized with the cute chocolatey crunch of Oreo bits and pieces….mmmm nom nom nom.

Much like your nose gets acclimated to scents when you’re at a perfume counter lodging florals and musks to your olfactory cells, my tastebuds seemed to adapt to sweetness and divinity that New York Cupcakes bring by the time I got to the Central Park Cookies & Cream, which is ONLY available Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. Despite the wonderful textures of this frosting, I was disappointed at the fact that I couldn’t necessarily taste cookies and cream, so much as I identified flavors of faint chocolate and cookie bits. I was searching for more of a vanilla cream flavor with chocolate dabbles. For this reason, I think this cupcake deserves 3.5 NOMS out of 5. I wanted cookies and cream…not a chocolate jewel.

…Tomorrow we will continue our story of our New York Cupcakes adventure, fully inclusive of even more reviews for flavors like Royal Red Velvet and a trio of FREEBIES the owner so kindly let us sample!…


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