I <3 NY (cupcakes)

Taken by Alayna

What: A captivating concoction of MANY cupcakes

Where: New York Cupcakes…Click here for directions

Anyone with a degree in cupcakes knows that much of the popularity of these sweet treats has stemmed from the appearance of the Magnolia Bakery in a Saturday Night Live Digital Short called Lazy Sunday, as well as its appearance in the popular show Sex And the City. Magnolia Bakery is located in New York so unfortunately for us nom nom nommers that’s literally out of our range. But in our range? A gem of a cupcakery in Bellevue (just across the water) called New York Cupcakes.

Now let me just precede our discussion of this heavenly sweet establishment by saying that I had personally never been treated more graciously in any of the cupcakeries I have visited since we started Oh My Nom. It was truly magically—better than Christmas for any cupcake lover. I talked extensively with the owner and she was more than willing to disclose information on her inspiration for the cupcakery and her choices for New York Cupcakes locations.

Too precious

Sitting adjacent to stores in a small outdoor retail facility in Bellevue, New York Cupcakes boasts a glamorous and bold appearance with a black, white, and pink color scheme. Inside you’ll find the most comfortable and dainty of demeanors—almost as if you’re walking into grandma’s kitchen cerca the 1950s.  Black and white tiled floors, cupcake trinkets, tools and literature from floor to ceiling, enchanting crystal chandeliers embellishing white tin ceilings, and an old fashion display case filled with decadent old-fashioned delights are some of the things you can find behind the door of New York Cupcakes. Even items down to the rhinestone-decorated-‘ring for service’-bell and the pink-feathered rotary telephone embody a fluffy and lush, sweet and innocent appeal.

Now for the cupcakes: I set out to try some of the flavors I had researched online—ones that would exhibit unique and specialized flavor. Prepare your sweet tooths: Things are about to get ridiculously delectable.

Taken by Alayna

Strawberry Surprise—a wonderful innovation exclusive to New York Cupcakes. They call it a “breakfast cupcake” and it is one of several breakfast flavors served only from 10am to 12pm every day. Trust me, it’s worth the small window of opportunity. A cupcake whose overflowing-top is sliced off, so that delicious vanilla buttercream frosting and mouth-watering strawberry jam can rest sandwiched in between two layers of angelic vanilla cake—That, my friends, is the Strawberry Surprise. Lest we forget the precious punched hole at the top of the cupcake, filled with rainbow sprinkles (*melt*), as well as the light dusting of powdered sugar over the top.  The experience of consuming this cupcake was nearly indescribable. The vanilla cake was baked to a luscious moist perfection and the frosting/jam combination inside was neither too sweet nor too buttery. It was pure jubilation. This cupcake deserves 4.5 NOMS out of 5: What an epic breakfast it would make!

Taken by Alayna

I normally never order basic flavors like chocolate or vanilla, but at New York Cupcakes you hardly have a choice. Midway through my cupcake feast the owner approached us at the table and asked how our cupcake experience was going. Her name is Lisa and New York Cupcakes is her proud business venture. She so kindly gave me a background on her goals in developing a cupcake business, informing me that she wanted to do something special and different from what current cupcakery establishments were representing—whacky flavors and trendy ideas. She wanted her cupcakery to be something comfortable and all-American, basic and homely but scrumptious and consistent. Lisa explained that she “wanted it to feel like Grandma’s kitchen” and that the cupcakes would be good ol’ fashioned flavors that we all know and love, instead of crazy combos like bacon-chocolate or sweet-potato.

Taken by Alayna

New York Black & White is a perfect example of classic flavor with a distinctive, to-die-for taste. It’s an incredible fusion of chocolate and white cake flavors that is New York Cupcakes signature flavor. The cake, just like the Strawberry Surprise above, was irresistibly perfect in its texture and its bold but not overwhelming flavor. I loved the playful division of both black and white—the flavors worked so well together that I can’t imagine ever consuming chocolate cake again without an addition of white cake as well. The frosting was unlike ANY chocolate frosting I have EVER tasted. I kid you not, cupcake lovers….New York Cupcakes chocolate frosting is the BEST. Not too heavy, not too rich, not too dark/bittersweet/sweet…just the ultimate whipped, airy, silky delight with a balanced light chocolate-buttery flavor. You can see from the picture just how fluffed the frosting is by the air bubbles spiraling to the top. It’s truly a challenge for me to attempt to describe this frosting…Only tastebuds will reveal its supreme delivery of what a chocolate buttercream should taste like. The frosting is so divine that Seattle Metropolitan Magazine awarded New York Cupcakes with the title of “Best Chocolate Cupcake” in Seattle, which showcases the same frosting as the New York Black & White. So PLEASE do yourself the favor of journeying to Bellevue to devour this stunning success. To top is all off? White and milk chocolate straws adorning the top of the cupcake—a perfect closer to represent the magical flavors of the New York Black & White.

This cupcake deserves, dare I say, 5 NOMS out of 5—That’s right! The FIRST perfect Oh My Nom rating we have every given! It will not disappoint…and if it does? The cupcake is on us! Lucky for you this treasure is offered every day of the week! 🙂

…Tomorrow we will continue our story of our New York Cupcakes adventure, fully inclusive of even more reviews for flavors like Eggnog and Central Park Cookies & Cream (and that isn’t even half of what we have left!)…


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  2. pandrewh replied:

    Really? Bellevue? Uh…kinda bummed. I hate recognizing Bellevue. But if you say so.

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