When Opposites Attract

Taken by Lauren

What: Vanilla + Chocolate

Where: The Yellow Leaf Cupcake Co. in the Belltown Neighborhood.. Click here for directions.

Another scrumptious creation from Yellow Leaf Cupcake!  This cupcake comes with a twist incorporating both vanilla and chocolate into one cute package.  The vanilla cake is topped with a creamy, rich chocolate ganache that has hardened around the top of the cake.  The ganache was a great touch, not too rich and caked on but just the added depth that one would need to fully acquire the “chocolate vibe” in this cupcake’s chocolate-vanilla equation.

On top of the ganache was chocolate frosting that again had a very buttery taste and texture.  Refer back to our previous reviews for an more in-depth sadness revolving around our distaste for Yellow Leaf’s buttercream frosting. Are we the only ones here? If you’ve tasted Yellow Leaf Cupcakes before please leave a comment and let us know about YOUR experience, because frankly with just the two of us our blog is biased.

I liked the combo idea for vanilla and chocolate but there was nothing that stood out about this creation.  I was almost convincing myself not to say it but hey, we are writing reviews here!  This cupcake tasted like the one’s you can buy at any local grocery store. EEK, I said it.  I took the adventure to Yellow Leaf with the intention of visiting a CUPCAKERY.  Or, a bakery thats SPECIALIZES in excellent cupcake goodness!  This one just didn’t take the cake.

The lack of inventiveness and the dreaded butter as frosting has landed this cupcake 1.5 NOMS out of 5.  The chocolate ganache was a good start and I will admit to being a fan of the little chocolate beads on top however when I think of vanilla I find myself craving much more… possibly incorporating vanilla bean would be a nice touch?


December 7, 2009. Tags: , , , , . Reviews.

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