Beggin for Bacon (and Maple Syrup)

I was in Whole Foods market one day this summer and browsed their extensive chocolate selection. One bar in particular caught my eye: Mo’s Milk Chocolate Bacon Bar. This was the craziest cuisine invention I had seen since chocolate covered potato chips. A Whole Foods employee walked on over to me and insisted that I try it, on the house. He quickly unwrapped the bar and broke me off a piece to nom. It was FANTASTIC. Oh my god…the smokey sweet bacon mixed with a smooth milky chocolate? Too delicious.

But why let these fantastic flavors be confined to chocolate bars only? Before starting Oh My Nom, Lauren and I stumbled on a few recipes for Maple Bacon or Toffee Bacon or Chocolate Bacon cupcakes! Some cupcakeries have dubbed them “Breakfast Cupcakes” since their flavors mimic that of syrup drenched bacon strips on a Sunday morning.  We were obviously tempted to make some Bacon cupcakes of our own so we settled on this recipe from Bacon, Toffee, Chocolate Cupcakes with Maple Cream Cheese Frosting.

Taken by Alayna

When making these cupcakes, be sure to watch your bacon! Burning bacon can be easy; likewise not letting it cook enough can be, too. You want your bacon perfectly browned at the edges, so it’s somewhat crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside. Don’t forget to set your bacon strips on a couple paper towels to soak up the unwanted extra grease.

Oh My Nom’s revisions: I chopped up extra Heath bars to make a toffee crumble topping for the cupcakes. I also added ½ cup (not ¼ cup) maple syrup to the frosting. To thicken the frosting I used a total of 6 cups of powdered sugar (the recipe calls for somewhere between 5 and 8.) When I finished frosting these puppies, I had a LOT of frosting left over, so don’t be alarmed if you have a bowl-full remaining.

Post share adjustments: Definitely add TWICE as much bacon and toffee bits to your cake 🙂

Sizzlin the Bacon

Mixin the Maple and Cream Cheese


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  1. huckleberry hart replied:

    Further solidifying the truth that bacon makes anything better.

  2. Beggin for Bacon pt. 2 « OH MY NOM. replied:

    […] sweet, smokey, and salty fusion that is dessert bacon. What perfect timing considering these puppies were cooked up in the kitchen only 3 days […]

  3. Ivan replied:

    Even though I’m not the biggest bacon lover, I found its inclusion in this cupcake to very very subtle, non-intrusive, and quite enjoyable. Well done.

  4. I <3 NY (cupcakes) « OH MY NOM. replied:

    […] would be good ol’ fashioned flavors that we all know and love, instead of crazy combos like bacon-chocolate or […]

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