What I am Thankful for this Thanksgiving

Taken by Lauren

What: Sweet Potato + Maple Brown Sugar

Where: The Yellow Leaf Cupcake Co. in the Belltown Neighborhood.. Click here for directions.

Yum yum.  I thouroughly enjoyed this rather light, petite cupcake but also the environment in which I found it.  Yellow Leaf is a cute little cafe offering full service coffee drinks as well as cupcakes with flavors changing throughout the day.  Although they offer their regular flavors, Yellow Leaf also makes small batches randomly of other speciality cupcake flavors so you never exactly know what you’re going to get until you get there!  The cupcakery also has a bookshelf full of fun board games which I found very endearing.

The sweet potato flavoring wasn’t too apparent but tasted more like a spiced cornbread, which was pleasant.  The frosting however was different then what Im used to.  It honestly tasted like straight butter (and had the consistency of butter as well).  I must say though, paired with the sweet potato cake, the butter frosting was the perfect accompaniment.

If your a fan of cupcakes but don’t like the overpowering sugary taste then I would definitely recommend Yellow Leaf.  They’re menu also contains unique flavors like tomato soup, pumpkin spice creme brulee, or pistachio.  I find myself gravitating more to flavors that aren’t sugar based but rather cake based with a spice component.  However, altogether the cupcake itself was a little bland and if someone were to eat the cupcake and have to guess the flavor there would be no indications of sweet potato or maple for that matter.

This cake deserves 3 NOMS out of 5 for lack of flavoring and the thick, butter-like frosting.  Although I did enjoy the cake at the time I wouldn’t seek out this flavor combination again.


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  1. OH MY NOM. replied:

    […] what was it supposed to taste like? Mint, as its green color indicates? Hmm…Just like the last devouring of Yellow Leaf Cupcakes, the frosting embodied a very buttery taste that completely […]

  2. I <3 NY (cupcakes) « OH MY NOM. replied:

    […] New York Black & White—an incredible fusion of chocolate and white cake flavors that is New York Cupcakes signature flavor. I normally never order basic flavors but at New York Cupcakes you hardly have a choice. Midway through my cupcake feast the owner approached us at the table and asked how our cupcake experience was going. Her name is Lisa and New York Cupcakes is her proud business venture. She so kindly gave me a background on her goals in developing a cupcake business, informing me that she wanted to do something special and different from what current cupcakery establishments were representing—whacky flavors and trendy ideas. She wanted her cupcakery to be something comfortable and all-American, basic and homely but scrumptious and consistent. Lisa explained that she “wanted it to feel like Grandma’s kitchen” and that the cupcakes would be good ol’ fashioned flavors that we all know and love, instead of crazy combos like bacon-chocolate or sweet-potato. […]

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