Thanksgiving in a cup

Taken by Alayna

What: Candied Yam

Where: Trophy Cupcakes in University Village….Click here for directions

A golden oven-roasted turkey, adorned with juicy stuffing, whipped mashed potatoes, regal cranberry jewels, and a sumptuous pumpkin pie (or pecan…take your pick)–Thanksgiving dinner is the ultimate home cooked feast full of satisfaction and food coma. But what would Thanksgiving be without the yams? The candied, sugar-glazed yams topped with a toss of toasted pecans and drops of melted marshmallows?  Why, it would be dismal…at least in my book.

If you can’t weather the storm of creating candied yams for your turkey time, you’re in luck! Trophy Cupcakes, a Seattle staple with locations in Wallingford, University Village, and Bellevue, has concocted a Candied Yam CUPCAKE! Yet again, the glee of seasonal flavors pervades!

The first bite was…gooey, sticky, and somewhat of a sweet struggle! Atop the cake was a beautifully formed sculpture of toasted marshmallow meringue, a powerful entity all its own. Tasting it felt much like battling a freshly roasted s’more.  It was plush and magical, fluffy and mysteriously delectable given its simplicity.

It took a second attempt to get a bite of the candied yam cake. Dark in flavor and color, the cake tasted more cinnamonny if anything. It was difficult to decipher yams or candied brown sugar glaze, but with further meditation and self-convincing I managed to detect the faintest hint of sugared yams. What really boosted my experience was the presence of chopped pecans sprinkled throughout the cake. They added diverse texture and a lovely nutty flavor.

With the third bite I managed to perfectly place a bite of cake and a bite of meringue onto my fork, giving me the ultimate candied yam cupcake extravaganza, complete with echoes of silverware clinks against the holiday china and murmurs of ‘mmm’s and ‘oooh’s in unparalleled bliss at the thanksgiving feast.

This one deserves 3.5 NOMS out of 5. It’s drawbacks: weak candied yam flavor, thus not living up to the potential its wonderful name pursued.


November 22, 2009. Tags: , . Reviews.

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