Bobbing for apples

Taken by Alayna

What: Caramel Apple

Where: Cupcake Royale in Ballard…Click here for directions.

Halloween has got to be one my favorite holidays. There’s something about the wild nature of it, the whimsical fantasy behind it, and of COURSE the sweet treats. I can’t think of a better archetypal Halloween nom nom than caramel apples. When I read on Cupcake Royale’s website that they were featuring a seasonal flavor of Caramel Apple, my jaw dropped (both in surprise, and the  need to taste immediately.)

Who can deny the adorable décor of this little guy? The tiny popsicle stick (mimicking its literal counterpart) and the eclectic splatter of green and white sprinkles were too precious to ignore.

The first bite was predictably tasty and innovative. Apple cake with a tinge of spice ignited memories of the pink pastry box proudly seated on the breakfast nook table in my grandparents house, fully stocked with apple danishes and bear-claws. It was satisfying, but honestly nothing too special. I crave a little more flavor than this cupcake’s cake had to offer—I wanted apple, lots of it, and with a vivid, potent demeanor. The soft chunks of honey crisp apple inside were a nice touch, adding an authentic texture, but overall it was rather bland.

The frosting, on the other hand, was fantastic. Once again, Cupcake Royale distributes the perfect amount of frosting for my liking—similar to a generous spread of cream cheese atop a bagel. A sweet caramel seduction, smooth to taste with a warm, homely finish, as if I was eating sugary candle-glow on a majestic Hallow’s eve. Sweet caramel icing was the ideal dollop of assurance I needed to confirm this cupcake was worth its innovative appeal.

Are you enticed by this review? Craving some classic October flavor with a twist? This flavor will be available NEXT October for your enjoyment.

It deserves 3 NOMS out of 5…mainly contingent on it’s unique and spectacularly fun concept. It’s drawbacks: bland cake that was ultimately compensated for by one-of-a-kind frosting that’s undeniably worth a try.


November 21, 2009. Tags: , , . Reviews.

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