Not your average pumpkin spice…

Taken by Alayna

What: Pumpkin Maple cupcake

Where: Cupcake Royale is Ballard…Click here for directions.

Oh, the beauty of seasonal flavors! Nothing says “autumn” like a good pumpkin spice flavor and as predicted, a proper pumpkin cupcake was well in order for cupcakeries nationwide.  Cupcake Royale had a very interesting and charming take on pumpkin by adding maple flavored frosting. The concept alone sounded too delicious to be true and the cupcake itself? Well, let’s just say it did the flavor more than justice.

The first bite was deliciously heart (and tummy) warming.  The cake was sassily spiced with hints of nutmeg and cardamom, molasses and brown sugar. The cake was smooth, indefinitely classifying itself a cupcake and not a rough, hardy muffin. Baked to a delightful crisp, the top of the cake was nearly candied and served as the perfect accessory to diversify the textual experience of nom-nomming this sweet petite. Pumpkin spice had never tasted so good until today, when it was paired with the unbelievable comfy-cozy maple frosting.  In the (partial) words of Campbell’s: Mmm Mmm NOM.

I had always thought cream cheese frosting (thick and semi-tart) was the perfect compliment to pumpkin spice. But Cupcake Royale has forced me to alter my beliefs. Maple takes the cupcake.  Cupcake Royale dispensed the ideal amount and the ideal sweetness.  Maple frosting should be like this—tasting somewhat smokey and feeling like a warm snug hug from Aunt Jemima on a frosty fall morning. It’s not too overpowering but rather the ideal hand-holding companion to go along with a spicy pumpkin blend. Why can’t it be November every month?

Get yours now! Available for a limited time (until NOVEMBER 26th!)

This cupcake deserves 4.5 NOMS out of 5. It’s drawbacks: a slightly dry density of the cake.


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  2. Rubi replied:

    I will definitely go this weekend… have some coffee and a pumpkin cupcake.

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