The Grande Unveiling of OH MY NOM!

Hello cupcake lovers alike!  This is a very new blog serving you all things related to the wonderful world of cupcakes!  We, Lauren and Alayna are cupcake connoisseurs and will be blogging about cupcakes to… well, give us an excuse to eat so many really!  Okay so there is a lot more to it then that!

We will be posting:

  • Cupcake reviews from different cupcakeries
  • Recipes we find and ones that we create ourselves
  • Fun cupcake merchandise
  • Various cupcake accessories and products
  • Flickr photos of cupcakes
  • Our favorite cupcake chefs
  • And anything sweet we can get our paws on!

We promise to keep you entertained and to keep your mouths watering!  If you have any suggestions regarding content for the site we would love your input.  Most importantly, we’d love to create a space for viewers to share their own delicious recipes or cupcake experiences.

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November 17, 2009. Housekeeping.


  1. pooja replied:

    alayna!!! LOVE the name. really really well done! you know there’s kara”s and miette in the city to review right? and there’s this woman.. we had her cupcakes in the office once. they are really good and super small : ) great topic to write about!! you have 1 faithful follower : )

    • alaynalim replied:

      ABSOLUTELY! Kara’s in my favorite!! I would om nom nom Banana Caramel cupcakes all day if I could 🙂

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